FOR SALE: Nissan Racing engine/Parts


1-VG30 aluminum racing block - used, excellent condition - w/matching main caps - w/sleeves, not installed, approx. bore 3.582 bore - w/o oil pan

2 - sealing plates - between block and heads. Look like head gaskets but are not.

2-Nash aluminum cylinder heads - new, never used - w/end plates - these are bare castings w/o any seats, guides, or race prep 1-Nash aluminum cylinder head - used - this is a finished race head. As far as I know it's good. It also shows how to damn up the oil and obviously how to port the head.

1-distributor less cap

3-cast magnesium valve covers

2-lifter bars - new

1-lifter bar machined for camshaft geometry

1- mag oil pan – has hole in bottom, needs repaired, not pictured

1 - misc - parts, pistons, valves, rockers, seals, rocker shafts, springs, retainers, o-ring material, right side cam shaft


If  you're interested, make me an offer. I'm not interested in trading offers back and forth. If the offer is appealing to me, then it's a done deal. Not trying to be arrogant, just been down that road before and this stuff hasn't been in production for decades.