Photo Gallery


The following section is a gallery of some of the projects and/or components we have have made. We have the ability to reverse engineer any engine, driveline, or component and then manufacture it. We can even work from nothing more than pictures. Recently we restored a Garwood marine version of a Liberty V-12 and a Packard 4M2500 PT Boat engine.We also have reverse engineered a Packard 3M621 Gold Cup engine including the transmission.

Garwood Liberty V12 


Packard 4M2500 V12


The five pictures below are of the making of a 1930's DeLahaye V12 cylinder block. We made the mold, cast the cylinder block, and then completely machined it. We also made the cam bearings, main caps, and cylinder liners.



Below are examples of steel backed babbitted flanged bearings and bronze flanged bushings. Those shown fit a 1930's era Soriano racing outboard engine.


The three pictures below are examples of thick walled rod and main bearings. The first two bearings are for a 1918 Liberty V-12. The third is for a 1913 Lozier.


This picture depicts a Liberty V-12 piston. It is a five inch bore piston with a very long compression distance. Unlike the original pistons which were straight sided and round, these have tapered skirts and are cam ground. These are not cast pistons. They are made from billet and heat treated.

The following two pictures are more examples of pistons, wrist pins, and pin buttons. We have made pistons for Packard Marine, Scripps, Hispano-Suiza, Kermath, American LaFrance Buda, and Sterling.


The next two picture are custom camshaft work. The upper one depicts cams from a 1913 Lozier. These were reground. The bottom picture is for a 1930's Talbot. The Talbot cam was custom machined from billet and heat treated. It has two integral gears - one for the distributor and oil pump and the other for the tach drive. The lobes on the Talbot camshaft are black because they have been Parkerized for wear.


We design and manufacture custom billet crankshafts for any application including prototypes. Some of which are Duesenberg, Bugatti, and Packard Marine. The first example is that of a 1913 Lozier and the second is of a Soriano outboard crankshaft. Note that the Soriano has integral gears on both ends and splines on one end.



This gear is a simple spur gear with internal splines. We can make bevel gears and high helix gears also. Besides gears we can make splined shafts for most any application.


Below are some small valves for a Soriano outboard and we have made big valves for Liberty V-12's


Below is an example of some connecting rod bolts and castle nuts. We can make studs, bolts, and nuts to fit your application.


Below is a water pump for a Chris-Craft. We made new oversize gears, rebored the housing, and made new shafts.


The following three pictures show an intake manifold being made.